Project Controls

At Riordan Construction Claims Specialists, we pride ourselves on foreseeing risk. We have developed a set of standard project controls that we share with1 man our Clients to help identify and mitigate against claims arising to facilitate the delivery of the Employer’s expectations in respect of time, cost and quality. These include…

  • Change Order Register (COR), incorporating claims & ADR measures.
  • Risk Register (RR).
  • Request for Information Register (RFI)
  • Material Approval Register (MAR)
  • Correspondence Register (CR)
  • Lines of Communication Diagrams (LCD)
  • Others...


Our reputation is the engine that drives us. Without it there is no future. Nothing is more important than honesty and transparency in the


Our experience allows us to ensure that every project managed is a planned and efficient endeavor. Nothing is wasted including our customers’ time or money.


Riordan Construction Claims Specialists is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring the customer receives the best value for every euro spent.