Claims Management

4 menWhether involved in a project from the outset or appointed once contractual difficulties arise, we strive to minimise the adverse impact of claims on project costs and timely project delivery. Our Service includes…

  • Claims Avoidance – prevention is better than cure
  • Risk management – paramount in reducing the effect of claims, whether warranted or unwarranted.
  • Administration of project controls – effective tools to mitigate claims arising.
  • Forensic analysis & evaluation of claims – examination of events giving rise to claims and valuing their actual impact, if any.
  • Negotiation of claims – including reducing the ‘ceiling to floor’ ratio to an acceptable level to facilitate effective negotiations.
  • Preparation of claims and counterclaims – effective in project cost control when the need to claim/counterclaim arises.


Our reputation is the engine that drives us. Without it there is no future. Nothing is more important than honesty and transparency in the


Our experience allows us to ensure that every project managed is a planned and efficient endeavor. Nothing is wasted including our customers’ time or money.


Riordan Construction Claims Specialists is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring the customer receives the best value for every euro spent.